الجمعة، 25 يناير 2013

Reality Shows

Khaled El Shaaer and Assel Omaran in the 1st
season of MBC reality show he and she

1st essay in the blog in English

      I don’t know why I ‘d like to write this article in English , even I don’t know why in this particular one I can’t form a single Arabic language !! May be due to the topic….. Perhaps.

     There is a Mania called Reality Shows, obviously I can’t disagree more about them, I still don’t get , how any person in the entire world want to share his personal life ,his intimate secrets even his familial problems with people he don’t even know ,only for a small price like publicity, fame or money… the question is does it really worth it .

          The fact, that those reality shows introduced themselves in the Arabic world as a media come abroad only to understand their values, despite the other fact, that the American society itself doesn't agree on such representation to it through those shows.

        As that wasn't bad enough, we started to produced our reality shows, starting by star academy and finally He and She ( howa we heya ) produced and broadcasting by MBC ..The more surprising thing that someone like khaled  El Shaaer  … a good presenter on a great network like MBC would share his new marriage life with all the Arabic world !!!!!!!!!!

      Again and Again, Not everything in the other coast and brought some money mean it’s  success , because simply success mean value … value that the media should really express .

By Alaa Nour El Deen
(تمت بحمد الله )

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